We are a church that is actively involved in sending dedicated teams around the world to help share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We partner with with missionaries from the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church in Canada (C&MA) as well as other contacts and organizations that are approved by our Board of Elders.

Seamless Link

We are committed to supporting the missionaries (International Workers) in our own denomination. We actively give to the Global Advance Fund which funds all our International Workers. We have strategic partnerships with key International Workers called Seamless Link Partnerships. We currently have two Seamless Link Partnerships:

  • Danny & Vera Kuranji who serve in Serbia
  • Doug & Carol Woon who serve in Japan.

For more information on:

What is Seamless Link? Please our Missions Team at: reception@hpac.org

If you’re interested in becoming a full-time missionary with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada?  Please visit the C&MA National Website at: www.cmacan.org


If you would like to receive our monthly emissions update from the C&MA, please email reception@hpac.org to be added to our email list!