Roadmap is a series of four 1 hour classes specifically designed to help you discover, and embrace, what we value here at HPAC. Our intention is that all who call HPAC their home will become disciples of Christ who are firmly rooted in God’s Word, directed by the Holy Spirit and intimately connected to God through prayer. These introductory sessions will challenge you to move forward in your relationship with Christ. Will you follow the Roadmap with us and discover how to become a disciple of Christ on mission together?

Roadmap is a prerequisite to Ministry Partnership.

Our next Roadmap is:

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Starting Point

Every good journey must have a starting point.  This is where we’ll begin our journey towards Christ, learning what it means to be a disciple on mission together.   We’ll begin by talking about God’s plan of salvation, and we’ll explore what we believe at HPAC and what makes the C&MA unique from other churches.  We’ll also look at how we’re structured as a church and what it truly means to be in partnership as a member of this local assembly.

Bible Based

Why is the bible important and how do we apply it to our lives?  What are the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith?  Why must a disciple of Christ be firmly grounded in the Holy Scriptures? These are just a few of the questions we’ll touch on as we move towards becoming bible based disciples.

Spirit Led

A disciple of Jesus is empowered by the Holy Spirit and their lives are directed by Him.  A person who is Spirit led truly reflects the attributes of one of Christ’s disciples. Discover the nature of the Holy Spirit and His role is in the life of the believer.

Prayer Saturated

What is prayer and why does it make a difference in the Christian’s life?  How do we embrace the spiritual disciplines?  What role do these play in the disciple’s life, and why do they make a difference?  How is a life saturated in prayer a genuine mark of true disciple?