Mentorship relationships at Heritage Park exist to help people grow in their walk with Christ. We long to develop people and mentorship is one way we believe we can accomplish that. If you would be interested in being mentored OR if you have a longing in your heart to be a mentor, please fill out the application below. Remember, you don't have to have it all together to be mentored or to be a mentor. We are imperfect people longing to be developed. We all have something to offer! If you have any questions about mentorship, please contact

“My mentor has been the biggest support over the last few months, her care for me blows me away. She makes spending time with me a priority and prays over me every time! She has become one of the most treasured people in my life.”~HPAC Mentee

“[My mentorship] went really well, I have learned the most I ever have about God and myself this year.”~HPAC Mentee

“A highlight for me was when my mentee was baptized!”~HPAC Mentor

“The highlight of my mentorship relationship was that over the time we got to meet together, we would encourage one another and tell one another how we are doing in our faith walk with Jesus. This helped me improve my walk and to stay on track with my devotions and prayer. We got to see each other grow spiritually each and every day.”~HPAC Mentee

“The fact that he was there for me in moments when I had very little desire to talk to anyone.”~HPAC Mentee

“One highlight was being able to be a prayerful voice for someone who trusted my heart and thoughts.”~HPAC Mentor

If you are interested in being a mentor (minimum age 18) please click HERE

If you are interested in being mentored (minimum grade 8) please click HERE