What happens each weekend at Heritage Park is only a part of our overall ministry. Our desire is to help you discover Christ Jesus and then help you move forward in your walk with Him.

If you have questions about Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation for you, please contact us.

We offer a variety of resources that are available to help you move forward in your faith journey.


Alpha is a chance to explore and to question the meaning of life, as well as an opportunity to learn more about what Christianity means. During this 8-week class, you’ll have a chance to connect with others who are also exploring faith and God in a fun, relaxed setting. You’ll also enjoy a great food and exciting conversation. Everyone is welcome!

No Registrations Currently Available


A free Bible that you can access anytime and anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer.  YouVersion is a simple, ad-free, Bible that brings God’s Word into your daily life.


RightNow Media

Our church’s Bible study library is now digital AND GIGANTIC. Through RightNow Media we now offer an extensive, easily accessible video library designed to challenge and enhance your walk with Christ. Over 14,000 videos are available for Groups, couples and individuals to use and learn.

Are you ready to get your personal RightNow Media account?

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We have a great selection of some of the most current books on the market.   We offer materials for all ages, from Children to Adults, on many different subjects.  We also have an extensive fiction and DVD section for individual and family enjoyment.

All resources must be signed out with a library card. You can register for your card at the library. Please stop by soon, we look forward to seeing you!