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PREACHING 201 – Preston Busch

This class will introduce the student to expository preaching and will equip them to prepare an expository sermon. We will consider the assumptions and contexts of preaching on the way to learning a time-proven method for preparing a sermon. Our time together time will include information, skill development and practice that will develop confidence in you to boldly preach God's Word. Dr. Preston Busch received a doctorate specializing in preaching from Gordon-Conwell Seminary, has taught thousands of men and women to preach while teaching at Briercrest Bible College for 15 years, and in Southeast Asia since 2007. Preston served a senior pastor of Bethany Chapel in Calgary from 2002 to 2017, where he preached almost every Sunday.
One of his greatest joys in life is watching men and women grow in their confidence and skill in both understanding and communicating God's truth.

September 21-25 from 5:30-9PM and September 26 from 9AM-12PM
Cost: $100
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MARRIAGE NIGHT – Video Simulcast

Laugh and learn with your spouse as you hear from marriage experts and discover how to honor God in your marriage. Speakers include Matt & Lauren Chandler, Conway & Jada Edwards, Les & Leslie Parrott and comedian Michael Jr.

October 3 from 6-9:30PM
Cost: $15 USD/person
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This seminar is a practical and helpful look at why and how Christians can be more effective witnesses in their workplaces. Through an examination of a series of paradigm shifts, you will find your desire being ignited and your confidence being inflamed to be a faithful witness to those you encounter every working day.

Rev. Marcus Verbrugge and his wife reside in McGregor ON. Prior to working in full time ministry, Marcus was in the business community where he led a number of business startups. Past service included NFP board work, short-term mission leadership, founding a prayerwalking ministry, KingdomLink (a mission mobilization ministry) and the Transform! Prayer Course (a prayer mobilization tool). Marcus is also the author of, “Beginning – Growing in Prayer through Genesis” and a Kairos head facilitator.

October 23 from 9AM-4PM with an hour break for lunch (not included)
Cost: $30
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HOW I’M WIRED – Travis Lacey

God has wired each of us in a unique way. In this class we will take some time to look at your wiring. You will learn how to build on your strengths, become aware of your vulnerabilities, and gain new tools to better manage yourself when in conflict. Each participant will receive a CORE STRENGTHS evaluation.

Pastor Travis is the Director of Church Ministries at Heritage Park. He has lived in Windsor for the past seven years and has 15 years of ministry experience both locally and internationally.

November 7 from 9AM-12PM
Cost: $90 ($15 admission + $75 materials)
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Jesus of Nazareth knew about the powers of darkness. His first experience in ministry was being infilled by the Spirit of God at his baptism. His second experience in ministry took far longer and established everything he did afterward: He spent 40 days seeking God in prayer and fasting while being tempted by the “Prince of the Power of the Air”. Most Western Christians don’t factor on Satanic attack. Jesus and the early church started there, and moved forward from knowing that the devil is real, and God’s grace defeats his strategies. It is time for us to examine what our Lord and the early church believed about this and to develop approaches to living in Jesus’ victory over the powers. This class will give biblical teaching on how the enemy’s attacks can be recognized and how a believer can walk in Jesus’ anointing.

Rev. Dr. David Chotka is the Director of Spirit-Equip Ministries, an equipping ministry that develops resources to aid God’s people to walk into their God-given potential. He is the author of Power Praying, Sifting our Discerning, the primary author of Transform! Prayer (2019) and the soon to be released
Are You There? It’s Me—God! How to Listen, Test and Know When God Speaks, scheduled for release in late Spring of 2021. Learn more about this ministry by visiting www.spiritequip.com or you can contact Dr. David at davidchotka@spiritequip.com.

November 28 from 9AM-4PM with an hour break for lunch (not included)
Cost: $30
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